zLeopard and Cashmere Kisses Sweater



Y’all remember our Cashmere Kisses Sweater? Well this cutie is the same ridiculously soft fabric and adorable perfect fit, but with LEOPARD! 😍


It’s so stupid soft, you’ll swear it’s cashmere. Plus it’s just crazy cute and I love love love the fit on it! Sometimes smalls end up swallowing me because I’m short, but this one is just right.

Very true to size fit. Loose enough that I can indulge in a big meal and not worry about anybody seeing my rolls, but not so loose that I’m swimming in it. It’s the Goldilocks of fits. 😍 80% Polyester, 15% Rayon, 5% Spandex. If you want a looser baggier fit (or if your usual size is sold out) you can size up on this one and it’ll be just fine!