Super Vitamins


So here’s the thing, the last thing I want is to become a diet guru or fitness expert or to have to spend my entire day talking to people about whether they can or cannot eat that. #beentheredonethatgotthetshirt So I was honestly a little hesitant to even consider selling these, despite LOVING everything else we’ve gotten from No Crap In It. Butttt I ordered these for myself because the price the price was good and I loved that I didn’t have to take 14 different vitamins a dozen times a day, and you guys...I LOVE these! And you know that corny stuff people say about how if I didn’t sell this to you I would be doing you a disservice? Well I mean it! But here’s the thing, if y’all aren’t into it, that’s cool cause I’m taking these foreva and I’ll just keep them all for myself. 😂😂 You can find all the manufacturer’s details on our website, but it’s a lot to read, so here’s my quick personal run down: Only one pill a day 🙌, they have almost no smell, and y’all I can NEVER take vitamins - I was so worried Aiden was going to be born with a cleft lip because I puked up my prenatals every. single. day. But I can take these without ANY problems, even on an empty stomach they don’t make me sick! They’re just a regular size capsule, no horse pills here! And I actually have noticed they’ve calmed my sweet tooth down a bit. TLDR: $33, 30 day supply, just one pill a day, they work. 

Anyhoooo, here’s what No Crap In It says about them:
🍷Curbs SUGAR and ALCOHOL cravings
🍩 Stabilizes BLOOD SUGAR
🛌Reduces FATIGUE and increases ENERGY
💡Increases MENTAL Clarity
🍎Appetite Suppressant
This supplement is created to help give you the energy, endurance, and internal health to increase your physical activity and assist your diet!

Ingredients and Benefits:

L-Glutamine- promotes muscle growth and decreases muscle waste, improves athletic performance and recovery from endurance, improves metabolism and cellular detox, curbs sugar and alcohol cravings, fights against cancer, helps with weight loss.

Organic Moringa- stimulates hair growth, stabilizes blood sugar, improves digestion, reduces wrinkles, protects liver, reduces fatigue, treats kidney stones and headaches, increases mental clarity, treats depression, improves immunity, increases energy, suppresses appetite.

Organic Black Seed Oil- prevents and treats cancer, liver health, aids in weight loss, restores hair loss, helps with infections, curbs appetite.